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23 July 2006 @ 01:51 am
The Sword of Bedwyr  
Title: The Sword of Bedwyr
Author: R.A. Salvatore
Genre: fantasy

Summary: An evil wizard king has taken over the free lands. Twenty years later, an innocent young nobleman/warrior named Luthien Bedwyr discovers how tyrannical he is for the first time when one of his lackeys kills Luthien’s best friend. Luthien gets his revenge on the murderer, but makes himself an outlaw in the process. He befriends a highwayman, helps a good wizard, and is given an odd magical cape that turns him invisible, but leaves a crimson shadow behind wherever he stood. Using the notoriety he gained with the shadow as a trademark, he leads one of the provinces to rebellion, and decides to try and rid the world of the evil king.

Review: The book is incredibly cliché, but highly enjoyable. Luthien is a pretty typical fantasy hero—well meaning, kind of dumb, obviously has a great destiny in store for him. His sidekick, Oliver, is amusing and endearing in that way that traditional comic relief sidekicks are. They make a fun duo, and their wacky adventures on the road to destiny are enjoyable.

It’s not all perfect; it seems a bit hypocritical for them to rail against the oppression of the elves and dwarves, then go and murder a hundred cyclopeses, having written them off as evil, and therefore expendable. Also, Luthien’s love interest seems very tacked on, and it’s an awfully lucky coincidence that the slave girl he loves…happens to also be a master thief, who can help him lead his revolution! Gasp!

But minor complaints aside, it’s a fun book. It’s got swords and sorcery, good and evil, and more dead cyclopses than you can shake a stick at.
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